Priya Kapoor

Deputy Principal, Primary School

A passionate early childhood and primary years educator, Ms. Priya Kapoor has joined B.D. Somani in 2021. After completing her Bachelor’s in Commerce and Bachelor’s in Education from Delhi University, she began her career as a primary teacher. Her work with the IB PYP schools in Bangalore revolutionized her thinking about student-centred and other contemporary pedagogies. An advocate of the social constructivist philosophy, she believes in empowering students and teachers, so they have a voice and choice in endeavours they undertake in pursuit of their learning.

An inquiry enthusiast, Ms. Priya has donned several hats in the past from being a homeroom teacher to a PYP coordinator, curriculum developer and teacher trainer: coaching and mentoring teachers in instructional strategies. Ms. Priya values the idea of servant leadership and loves to create collaborative teams that strive for excellence with students at the heart of everything they do. Working with the community schools in the past, she vouches for equitable access to education and hopes to raise awareness about this through her work. Ms. Priya has worked with students from diverse communities, more recently as a PYP Coordinator for IB Schools in China and Singapore. Having immersed in the Asian culture, she had the opportunity to experience their educational beliefs working with students, teachers, and educational leaders in these communities.

Ms. Priya’s forte lies in amalgamating the innovative learning technologies with the routine teaching practices, personalizing learning for each child- offering choices, and providing an array of media for creative expression. She is a certified Apple Educator, a Seesaw Ambassador and an Adobe Creative Professional. She highly values professional development and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Advanced Teaching. An active practitioner in the field of early years, her passion led her to a post-graduation in Early Childhood Education and certification in the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

A hodophile, Ms. Priya has travelled to more than ten countries and hopes to continue to see the world with new eyes each time. To her, these experiences enrich one’s life – meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and giving a new meaning to life. Ms. Priya has a green thumb and spends her weekends tending to her terrace garden using permaculture practices. A passion for fine arts, good music and reading books has helped her maintain a positive work-life balance all these years.

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