Do you remember when you were a child you were expected to be seen, not heard? In school, you were discouraged from asking too many questions? The times my friend, they have changed. At B.D. Somani International School we celebrate questions. Our school follows a 
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Wooden building blocks, invented by Caroline Pratt of the City & Country School in New York City over 100 years ago, are used in Reception to Grade 1 classrooms at B.D. Somani.  This simple, yet versatile material, offers children a host of valuable learning experiences 
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We do things differently at B.D. Somani. We’re different. It’s in our DNA. After all the “B.D.” in B.D. Somani stands for Be Different. This is no truer than with our CAS (Creativity/Action/Service) program. Though CAS is an IBDP requirement, elements of CAS are introduced 
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On the first day of this academic year, we asked our young students in Primary School one question: How did you feel on the first day of school? Here are some of the answers: Early Years ~ Grade 1 “My sleep is disturbed because I 
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