At B.D. Somani, we believe learning is a joyful experience and children learn best in a safe, nurturing environment that fosters positive self-esteem.

Welcome to B.D. Somani International School

Ours is a unique learning environment set in the quiet greenery of Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai. B.D. Somani students enjoy a learning experience that addresses every facet of their development.

Our school follows a progressive approach to learning and a blend of internationally recognised frameworks that foster inquiry and investigation. The school curriculum is designed to nurture global citizens of the 21st century, mindful of their role in their communities and the world, and keen to actively contribute to both.

What started as a 2-year IB Diploma program is now a vibrant centre of learning in the 21st-century from Early Years to High School.






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B.D. Somani International School will be a beacon of meaningful and authentic learning that empowers students with the skills, attitudes and flexibility necessary to tackle the challenges and opportunities of our ever-changing world.


B.D. Somani International School offers its students an internationally recognised curriculum in an Indian setting. The school focuses on the social as well as intellectual development of the students to equip them to take their place in the global community of the 21st century. In an atmosphere that values academic excellence, the school seeks to encourage respect for individuality and self-awareness. At B.D. Somani, we aim to nurture and develop the potential of each of our students and to prepare them to become dynamic, caring and productive members of a democratic and interdependent society.



Grade 4 Parent
We are glad our daughter isn't afraid to voice her thoughts here. We are glad her inquisitiveness is respected and satisfied with not just one line answer but a worthy classroom discussion.
Grade 4 Parent
Every day my son is excited to go to school, where he is allowed to ask questions and encouraged to seek answers, in an environment where he feels comfortable enough to take chances, unafraid of failure.
Grades 4 & 6 Parent
The teachers are excellent, always very approachable and there for my children when they need them. The hard work they put in to nurture our kids is amazing.
Grades 1 & 4 Parent
As a multicultural family, we have always felt that our children's diversity was respected and valued, which was very important to us.
Grade 1 Parent
Both my children look forward to school every single day. I was looking for a school that gives equal importance to all areas of development of the child, and B.D. Somani does justice to this.
Grades 4 & 6 Parent
The friendly, nurturing educators make sure that they tap the child's potential, identify hidden talents of each student and make them independent by giving them responsibilities.
Grade 2 Parent
The school's core values match our values, and we truly appreciate the programs, the focus on teaching individual soft skills and social/behaviour skills combined with groups and teamwork. Grade 2 parent
Junior K parent
We really like that B.D. Somani is so child-led in its approach and genuinely respects each child individually. The school encourages children to follow their developmental curve rather than enforce expected standards on them.
Reception & K parent
B.D. Somani has brought out the best in my children. I love this school because it emphasises the overall development and learning of the child and not just academics.