Mission & Values


B. D. Somani International School will be a beacon of meaningful and authentic learning that empowers students with the skills, attitudes and flexibility necessary to tackle the challenges and opportunities of our ever-changing world.


B.D. Somani International School offers its students an internationally recognised curriculum in an Indian setting. The school focuses on the social as well as intellectual development of the students to equip them to take their place in the global community of the 21st century. In an atmosphere that values academic excellence, the school seeks to encourage respect for individuality and self-awareness. At B. D. Somani, we aim to nurture and develop the potential of each of our students and to prepare them to become dynamic, caring and productive members of a democratic and interdependent society.

Traits of a BD Somani graduate

The 3Cs – Curiosity, Collaboration and Courage – foster the development of the values we uphold as a school and as a community. As students progress through each grade, they develop skills that reflect the B.D. Somani Mission Statement. At graduation, they are ready to take their place as global citizens of the 21st century, mindful of their role in their communities and the world, and keen to actively contribute to both.
  • We are creative learners who think outside the box
  • We value inquiry as a way to explore, and make sense, of our life and the world around us
  • We connect local to global communities through our learning
  • We take pride in applying our knowledge to real-world problems
  • We show adaptability when working with others and facing challenges
  • We respect each person and the contribution they make to our growth
  • We communicate our ideas with confidence in different contexts
  • We are open-minded learners who reflect and engage with diverse points of view
  • We take responsibility for our work and understand the consequences of our actions
  • We express our ideas and celebrate different opinions
  • We learn from our mistakes and persevere when experiencing difficulties
  • We take action in our community and strive to make a positive impact