A note from Ms Minal

Ours is a nurturing environment, incorporating internationally recognised highly effective practices and pedagogies, where children thrive because they are given agency over their own learning.

Ms Minal Gala

Principal, Primary School

It is my third year as the Principal of BD Somani Primary School and my thirteenth as an educator at the school. I can proudly say that each day we strive to live our vision of providing meaningful and authentic learning experiences that empower our learners. From the age of three to the age of 11, we help our students actualise the 3Cs – our values Courage, Collaboration and Curiosity.

Challenging the dichotomy of rigorous learning or fun, we believe learning should be rigorous and fun. Primary school classrooms are hives of activity where learning is fun, challenging and authentic. Foundation skills are nurtured, teaching is high quality, and children develop a love for learning and exploration.

Our approach to learning is drawn from multiple contemporary instructional strategies and philosophies, including concept-based inquiry, place-based education, integrated learning, progressive philosophy, and a learner-centred approach.

‘Glocal’ in thought and practice, we have intentionally and carefully crafted our curriculum to contextualise the needs of our learners and their families. A vibrant arts program, robust physical education and sports program, carefully thought out technology integration program, immersive SE Learning, student-initiated actions and the Block Building program are just the striking elements of our contemporary curriculum.

We have high expectations for our students. We strongly believe in accepting children for whom they are and where they are at, encouraging and extending them to move towards their potential and beyond. We believe your child’s education is a partnership between parents/caregivers, the school and the child. Good communication between all three informs the degree of success.