Welcome to B.D. Somani International School, Mumbai

Aradhana Somani

All parents want their children to attend a great school. We want our children equipped with all the tools they could need to navigate the uncertain world we find ourselves in today...

Dr. Geoffrey Fisher
Head Of School

We are a school with a history of holistic education. Excellent academic results built on a broad foundation of engagement and achievement in the arts, sports, experiential learning and holistic development...

Zoë L Hauser
Principal, Primary School

A visit to our classrooms will show you busy and joyous places of work where students and teachers are actively engaged in collaborative, challenging, authentic problem solving...

Dr. Colleen Boyett
Principal, Secondary School

We are delighted to offer a world class curriculum in an environment which is academically rigorous, but also respects and values the needs of students, and their unique paths and goals...

What they say about B.D. Somani

Reception & Kindergarten Parent

B.D. Somani has brought out the best in my children. I love this school because it emphasises overall development and learning of the child and not just academics.

Grade 3 Teacher

From teachers to assistants to students, there is a sense of family here that is perfect for nurturing academic ability. It is an institution that provides an environment in which students can reach their full potential.

Why choose B.D. Somani

Collaborative and cooperative learning

Large outdoor spaces

21st century skills

Design thinking

Vibrant Arts programs

Communication skills

Block-building program - unique to India

Individualised college placement


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What started as a 2-year IB Diploma program is now a vibrant centre of learning in the 21st-century from Early Years to High School


Grades from Reception through to the IB Diploma program with 3 classes for each grade


Our qualified teachers facilitate the process of learning through inquiry, exploration, and encouragement


Each student receives individual attention and the guidance and support they need to succeed

LOCATION: Cuffe Parade

Located in the heart of South Mumbai, we have a host of on campus facilities unique for a school in Mumbai


We offer a specialised counselling and college placement program that enables students to make the right choices for their future

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  • We went into the spring break at Primary School, reliving memories from our Arts Evening. The theme  this year was Balance, and you can see how our students incorporated their ideas into their artwork and performances in theatre, music, tabla, kathak and capoeira throughout the evening. Parents joined students in creating an installation evoking balance using recycled materials. In addition, parents were able to see their children's flourishing garden on the terrace and understand the excitement about harvesting and consuming their produce.
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  • In Grades 4 and 5, our parents joined in, too, creating artwork (and fun) with their children
  • Presenting rhythm in visual form could be seen as a challenging exercise by many but, as you can see, our students have more than risen to the occasion and have managed to capture the theme of the evening brilliantly. Parents were impressed by the young artists' explanations of their work.
  • Grade 3, 4 and 5 Tabla & Kathak performances used the 16 basic raags to create an experience that left everyone wanting for more, showing focus, discipline and creativity.
  • Our Capoeira performances were a wonderful confluence of music, acrobatics, movement, coordination and energy, with students across grades demonstrating all the fluidity and flexibility that has been imbued through capoeira.
  • Our Arts Evening theme this year was Rhythm. And nowhere else was it better demonstrated than in our Theatre performances where students developed their own rhythms using everyday household objects and their bodies - in some cases, the rhythmic beat told a story but all gave us glimpses into children's experiences with the world. The synchronicity, complexity and precision to maintain the beats was impressive. They sang English, Hindi and Marathi songs with complex rhythm and beats.
  • We celebrated Arts Evening on March 22nd this year. And what an evening it was. Filled with cartwheels and singing and dancing and drawing and even a little dabbing, it was a wonderful showcase of all the multi-faceted talents our students are honing in the visual and performing arts.
  • On 15th and 16th February, we hosted our annual Family Math Night for students and parents of Kindergarten to Grade 5. As always, it generated a lot of excitement in Math! Our Kindergarten students and parents participated in large numbers in this event for the first time. Since mathematics education has changed dramatically over the last dozen years, parents were amazed to see young learners showcase the strategies and methods they use to solve various challenging problems. The games and activities get students and parents involved together in logical thinking, reasoning and fun. Everyone had a great time engaged in mathematics as a family!