Puppetry show for Middle School – The Learning Factory

On January 17th, Grade 6 and 7 students had an opportunity to attend a puppet show by an NGO Trinayani arranged by our Drama department. The name of the puppet show was ‘The Learning Factory’.
The show was about the concept of diversity and inclusion based on George Reavis‘ classic novel, written in 1940. It’s a story about a group of animals who, while organizing a school to help their children cope with real-world problems, realize the wisdom of playing to people’s strengths.
A story that resonates at many levels for Ritika Sahni, special educator and founder of NGO Trinayani, who is committed to creating awareness about disability and diversity issues. A cause especially close to her is making mainstream education inclusive, an issue she has raised on various platforms. Careful thought has gone into designing the puppets, which Sahni describes as marionettes on a string, with the puppets created such to signify their hierarchy in the forest.
Not only were the students engaged in watching the show but they were also told about the making of the show, about the team involved and the challenges faced by them. All of our students enjoyed the show and could also relate to the theme of diversity and acceptance of differences in many regards. Every one of them enjoyed it thoroughly.
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