IGCSE Program

Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is one of the most popular international qualifications for 14 to 16-year-olds with students from 140 countries. The IGCSE program at B.D. Somani International School currently has 130 students.
Students at BD Somani International School epitomise the Cambridge Learner Attributes of being:
  • confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others
  • responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others
  • reflective and developing their ability to learn
  • innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
  • engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference
The essence of the IGCSE program at B.D. Somani is to develop lifelong learners. Students can choose from a total of 18 subjects. Our IGCSE program Teachers follow an inquiry-based approach with their students and engage young learners with relevant, challenging and productive teaching and learning approaches.

IGCSE Program Curriculum

The curriculum offered at the IGCSE level is a unique combination of nine subjects to be learnt over two years in Grade 9 and 10.

We offer five compulsory subjects:

  • First Language English
  • Literature English
  • International Mathematics, and
  • Coordinated Science which is a double award course

Students can choose four optional subjects from a list of fourteen. These choices have been thoughtfully curated from five different groups offered by Cambridge IGCSE. These subject choices allow our learners at B.D. to qualify for the ICE award, which recognises the academic achievement of students who pass examinations in at least seven subjects from five different subject groups, including two different languages.

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Additional Math
  • Computer Science
  • History
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Geography
  • Global Perspectives
  • Environmental Management

The approaches to teaching and learning each subject are aligned to foster a spirit of inquiry among our students. The syllabus content allows us to design several engaging activities for students that help them develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills. There is a good measure of interdisciplinary connections which students and teachers establish through group activities such as debates, exhibitions and Harkness discussions on different topics.

Each academic year is divided into four quarters, during which student understanding is assessed through formative and summative assessments. The two years of the IGCSE program at our school strengthen the foundation for our students to develop their conceptual understanding, critical thinking skills, collaboration and communication skills. This in turn prepares them to smoothly transition into IBDP and sustain their love for learning.

Beyond the classroom

The entire academic year is carefully planned to provide a good blend of academic learning and extracurricular activities. As in Middle School, it is mandatory for each student to sign up for one club from a wide array of choices that help students learn new skills and develop collaboration and respect for each other. In addition, the competitive spirit is generated through intergrade events such as Debates, Quizzes, Be the Dancer, Football and Basketball championships.
At the inter-school level, students in the IGCSE cohort participate in the B.D. Liga Football and B.D. Slam Dunk basketball tournaments. They also conduct Community Service and are encouraged to undertake independent initiatives, fundraise, and sensitise their peers to the challenges faced by the underprivileged communities, such as Kick Like A Girl, newspaper and toy collection drives, etc. They attend school-sponsored sessions at Vatsalya every Wednesday, virtually now, but with the same spirit of being inclusive of everyone. All these experiences enrich our students and provide a holistic experience.


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