We started the new academic year of school for grade 8 with the monsoon trip to Igatpuri from August 19th to August 21st. Around 70 students came for the trip along with 6 teachers. After a fun filled bus ride replete with song and dance, we arrived at our destination of Tropical Resort. After savouring the hot lunch served, the first activity was a trek to Camel Valley. The trek was full of undulating hills and clear streams, and students saw many wild insects and plants in their natural habitat. The trek was followed by a refreshing high tea, and later a quiz competition with various rounds like Trivia, Current affairs, Sciences, IT and History. After a completely engaging day students were looking forward to day two.
On the second day, we started with a creative writing activity which gave insight to all the students about using language and vocabulary in an effective way. During the trip they were asked to come up with a topic from the trip program/ schedule. This activity was followed by the community service at Bhavali school. The students were divided into two groups, one group collaborated with their counterparts in grade 8 from the ZP school to prepare skits on various values. The skit was in Hindi and our students were fabulous in the skit presentation and overall collaboration. The second group of students went with a few local students to their homes and conducted a short interview, which gave them insight into the lives of students from a different background.
After having a delicious lunch at the resort, students had an informative and engaging talk by Mr Nikhit on Leopard life and behavior, which was followed by a short nature walk and a waterfall visit. Students thoroughly enjoyed free flowing water and got drenched fully. After coming back to the hotel to freshen up, students were ready for the dance competition. Every house worked with a superb mix of vigour and talent and gave their best. The next event was the DJ Dance. All students danced on the floor with great energy on the thumping dance numbers. Even the teachers could not resist the temptation to shake a leg. Finally the winner house was declared based on all the inter house activities like the quiz, Bhavali ZP school service and dance competition. The day ended with the students reflecting on the two days within their small groups along with teachers.
On the last day, after the morning breakfast the students extended their gratitude towards everyone by making posters. We ended our trip on a happy note with a group photo at Tropical Resort, arriving back to the school campus by afternoon; enriched with lifelong memories and learning experiences.
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