Art Reflections

Grade 6 students at BD Somani have taken their Greek History outside the textbook and given it a modern spin! It was a mixture of History, Art, Music & Drama integration through an enthralling series of Greek Mythological plays & Art Exhibits.

Sharing some Reflections of the Students.

Greek mythology has always been a big part of my life. Inspired by one of my favorite books, Percy Jackson, I began immersing myself in it. Besides my love for Greek mythology, I also love art. Bringing them together just made it better. Although I didn’t act in the play, I am very content, since I had the opportunity to participate in a creative way, through the designing of props. Working alongside my friends only made it better. I hope to be able to do more interdisciplinary projects in which I can explore topics I love and /or consider interesting.

We had the opportunity to perform in a Greek play in drama class and for that we needed props. All props used were handmade by us, students. Being given the opportunity to work on the props for our own play was surely amazing. At first, we had to research a bit on Greek jewelry for inspiration. Once we got the gist of ancient art we had an amazing time exploring our artistic skills. The process was really interesting throughout as we learned about Greek art and how to make 3D jewelry with measurements. We made Greek crowns and tiaras with various designs matching the Greek hand armor. Overall, we were really fortunate to have this opportunity to express our creative side through the props.

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