One of the most convivial aspects of coming to an all-round, holistic school like B.D. Somani is being a part of the non-academic activities it has to offer. The joys of rushing to the auditorium with your friends and awaiting a performance, quiz, or competition, while the room fills with an atmosphere of chatter and merriment was, unfortunately, something we couldn’t experience this year due to the unpropitious circumstances.
However, since a really big part of our school’s culture is sport and competition, we made sure to provide as much attention to our inter-House activities as possible, while keeping careful consideration of our circumstantial prohibitions. After a year of online school, we knew that all of us as students and faculty were comfortable with online platforms, and decided to take advantage of these to conduct our first official inter-House activity: B.D. Somani’s Time to Trivia!
This quiz, reminiscent of our pre-pandemic memories and associations of our school, was based on B.D. Somani’s culture, including questions surrounding its rules, cafeteria delicacies, campus, and teachers. The essentiality of it came down to one question: How well do you know your school?
As more than 200 devices logged onto the platform in excitement, all of our Houses fought hard to earn a win, while our audience, consisting of all our teachers and students, remained invested in doing what they could to help their Houses. The chat box was filled with cheerful messages, posters, and words of encouragement for the respective Houses, demonstrating the unmatched levels of passion we all feel toward our teams, and to winning, of course! The afternoon resulted in an unexpected win by Hawk, followed by Kite, Eagle and then Falcon. It was an afternoon of fun, friendly competition, and jokes that reignited the light-hearted spirit of our tight-knit community. A perfect start to the much awaited Spring break!
This post has been authored by the House Council and House Coordinators.
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Group 4 Project: Interdisciplinary Activity

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