Behind the scenes at Children’s Day

Not for us the generic Children’s Day celebrations. At B.D. Somani International School, Primary, Children’s Day is a day of fun and games and many exciting activities with teachers ideating, planning and organising the day. It is a day of fun and laughter and learning new skills and crafts that you can read all about here.
Planning a full day of events for children from Grades 1 to 5 is quite a task and a result of much planning and advance prep. We take you behind the scenes with this post to show you all the work that goes into making Children’s Day a vibrant and joyous celebration of childhood at B.D. Somani.
Teachers come up with a list of fun ideas for the day. Before we close for the Diwali Break, we build a master list of activities that features the names of the teachers conducting them and where they will take place. Even the Primary School Student Council (StuCo) helps organise one of the activities.
Activities are conducted in 40-minute slots with 7 activities in total through the day. The day is planned to ensure that all 310 children are engaged at all times.
The activities typically fall under three buckets – games, DIY activities and cooking with teachers pairing up to conduct them. Some of the activities are age-specific, while others are open to mixed age groups. Some activities are offered in every time slot while others are only available a few times.
The master activity list is circulated among all the classes with class teachers taking students through the details. A day is set aside for students to sign up for the activities of their choosing.
We start the sign up with Grade 5 and work our way down to Grade 1. As a result, Grade 5 students receive preference in their choices because it is their last opportunity to participate in this day. Each student is given a timetable on which their schedule for the day is listed. They shortlist 12 activities in advance on the back of the timetable and hand it in, and subject to availability, they are allotted seven.
Students particularly love the fact that they can interact with teachers and students from other classes during these events. Students especially enjoy managing their own unique timetable and finding their way to each activity.
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