Biznomics Club – Talk With Mr. Motilal Oswal

On the 21st of January, the Biznomics Club, started by the students of Grade 11, Divyyansh Jaiin Nainutia (president and founder), Armaan Jhaveri (vice-president and co-founder), and Aira Israni (vice-president and co-founder), organized a Zoom meeting with none other than Mr Motilal Oswal, the chairman and managing director of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd, a company with a market capitalization of around 14,000 crores!
In the unprecedented times of a global pandemic, financial markets around the world took a major hit. Mr Oswal outlined the effects of this catastrophic event on the GDP of India for the financial year 2020 and estimated a good economic recovery and growth in the coming years. On the lines of recovery, he mentioned the importance of businesses pivoting to an online model and focusing on digital marketing as everyone treaded uncharted territory.
After his enriching presentation on the economic effects of Covid-19, our students asked him a wide array of thought-provoking questions on the pharma sector, healthcare companies, and even the recent IPOs. When asked for his advice on becoming an investor, he stressed two main points. One was the fact that, in the stock market, “ups are permanent, downs are temporary.” The second and most crucial piece of advice was to respect the power of compounding and the importance of real experience in investing. In congruence to the BD mindset, he outlined the pivotal role of experimentation and real-world experience outside all the theory and the textbooks.
His insights and his knowledge were fascinating to learn and the students of B.D.Somani, thanks to the efforts of the Biznomics Club to organize this event, were granted a looking glass through which they could see into the sphere of finance and economics by way of one of the brightest men in the field. We look forward to the other talks that the Biznomics Club hosts for us as part of their wonderful Guest Speaker Series!
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