Class of 2021: Oh the places they will go

We, as guidance counselors, often get asked many questions by our curious and anxious students. What should I study? Where should I go? How do I start? Will I be accepted by the university of my choice or not? And we have only one response to these anxious questions that is not only calming but also reassuring and it works each time. We are there to support you through the process right from the start till the end. We have your back!

The guidance team at B.D. Somani has always placed students’ interests and choices on priority and with that belief we are able to create a space that is full of possibilities, exploration and trust. We not only discuss our students’ aspirations, dream colleges and career options but also discuss failures and rejections as part of the whole journey.
The year 2020 has been, by all means, the most bizarre and the challenging year for all of us, let alone for students applying to universities across the globe. With so many uncertainties around us, finding that right fit university for students has not been easy at all. Everything that has been practiced by the guidance team in the past in supporting students with the application process had to be multiplied by two-folds or more. This includes the continuous reassurances to ease down their anxiety. Whether it was online meetings, remote counselling, both-one on one and in group, university outreach, academic workshops and connecting with parents without worrying about the clock, and the endless back end work, it was done with a singular objective – to help students secure a place at the University of their choice.
It has been a roller coaster ride without a doubt but the results have been fantastic. The guidance team is delighted to share the university acceptance status of our senior year – Class of 2021! These promising young scholars have received some exceptional admissions offers from many universities around the world. We are delighted to share that 64 out of our 73 seniors already have university offers in hand, while a few more are awaiting their ‘Regular Decision’ notifications and still others will apply later, to universities in India and Sri Lanka.
So far our students have already been accepted at John Hopkins, Tufts, Emory, Washington University, Purdue University, IU Bloomington, Pratt Institute, Boston University, Babson College, Case Western Reserve University, Santa Clara University, Drexel University, and many other universities in the USA. Twelve of our students have received offers through “Early Decision” – including offers from Washington University, St. Louis, Babson College, Boston University, and Northeastern University, Johns Hopkins University, Tufts, Emory university. This speaks volumes about how sought after a BD graduate is as well as our students’ potential for future success.
With the UK as the second most popular destination for BD graduates, our seniors have earned conditional acceptances to University of Cambridge, King’s College London, Manchester, Warwick, University College London, St Andrews, University of Bath, University of Exeter, University of Bristol, University of Birmingham, CASS Business School and many others. Several of our students received interview calls from the University of Cambridge.
Back in North America, students have also been accepted at some of the top Canadian Universities; including University of Toronto, Ryerson University, McMaster University, Carleton University, and York University.
BD students have also been rewarded for their academic achievements as well as capabilities. To date, the total amount of scholarships awarded to our current grade-12 students is just shy of 2 million US dollars! This speaks volumes about the profile of a BD graduate and is a recognition of the fact that universities abroad value our students and what they bring to their universities. Despite the ups and downs the year 2020 has thrown at us with this ongoing pandemic year, we are heartened by these wonderful and commendable University acceptances.
This post has been authored by our University Guidance Counsellors team – Ms Manju Sharma and Ms Meenakshi Mattoo.
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