On the first day of this academic year, we asked our young students in Primary School one question: How did you feel on the first day of school? Here are some of the answers:

Early Years


Grade 1

“My sleep is disturbed because I have to wake up at six.”

“I’m looking forward to playing cricket.”


Grade 2

“I felt nervous at first but as the day went on I was fine. I hope I have a good year. I love my class.”

“Half excited. Half nervous.”


Grade 3

“On the first day, I felt nervous and excited. I felt nervous because I was going to a new grade and I also felt excited because I had new teachers and I also felt sad because I was leaving Grade 2 and then going to Grade 3. But I think Grade 3 is going to be great.”

“My feelings are nervous, sad and excited. I’m sad because I left my teachers. I’m excited because I get to learn more things. I’m nervous because it is my first day.”

“At first, I was really nervous. But then I was not because I realised there is no need to be. All you have to do is have fun and more fun. After a while, I was much more comfortable and I got to know the teachers a lot better and we had lots of fun.”


Grade 4

“When I came to school I was nervous and excited. Later we played many games and it was so much fun. We learned a little.”

“It was lots of fun because we played games all day. It is exciting to have new teachers and classmates.”

“When I first entered the class I felt a bit afraid, then after I spoke a word I was continuously talking.”


Grade 5

“I feel awesome, it feels so great to be in fifth grade. I think I have very good teachers. I was feeling this was going to be so tough and also fun.”

“I felt very excited for school because it was a very long vacation and after a few days of vacation I already started feeling bored and wanted to go back to school.”

“I am in Class 5! My teachers are super kind. I was wondering before coming to the school how would my class be. I was super excited.”


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