Grade 6 students making learning authentic

B.D Somani always aspires to make learning relevant and authentic for its students. One such glowing example was the museum-based learning project done by the 6th Grade History Students. For your reference, you have read about the 100 years of history in our previous blog article here.

B.D.Somani 6th grade history students used their field trip to catapult their history class into personalized, meaningful, and relevant learning for the 21st Century. The field trip culminated in projects wherein they used creativity, critical thinking, and their preexisting knowledge to transform their classes into something straight out of a Fortune 500 boardroom. Our school believes in providing its students unique opportunities and this Project Based Learning propelled them closer to nurturing their own individuality.

Students used their museum visits as an inspiration to propose product/business ideas, create artworks, or write a magazine article. Students summarised their 4-week long research project with presentations to panelists from the fields of Education, History, Art, Business, Investment Banking, and Startups.
Some students brought forth exceptional inspirations from the museum as ideas that can truly transform real-world issues. While some members of the class provided solutions for serious issues like women’s safety, others made exploring museums easier through scanners and apps. Students made product pitches for bringing Indian Culture to the world stage and sought Venture finance, complete with prototypes, justification for spending, and demonstrating future sales. Sixth-grade students experienced truly transformational and relevant learning.
A section of the students created an artwork inspired by the museum visit and demonstrated just how art permeates languages and cultural barriers. Additionally, students made a presentation about the inspiration and purpose of their artwork. Some students provided their authentic spin on the visit and wrote and presented a magazine article, replete with vigor and courage. The ambiance in the Middle School Library was palpable as students took to the stage and shared their hard work in front of industry experts. Every single student demonstrated, in spirit and action, the 3C’s of Curiosity, Collaboration & Courage. It makes us proud to see that the traits for which we want all of our students to aspire were visible in each one of the 60 students that participated in the project-based learning.
Through this exercise we witnessed authentic growth and expansion of research skills.. Here is a sneak peek into some of the presentations
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