How capoeira enhances the B.D. Somani curriculum

At B.D. Somani, we don’t believe that learning happens only in classrooms. Our emphasis is more on making our students independent, free-thinking, curious individuals. And we strive to ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education with us. Part of a well-rounded education is also making sure our students are physically active, mobile, fluid and flexible. Which is where our Capoeira program comes in.
Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form that combines sport, fitness and exercise with music, rhythm and balance and helps children learn coordination while working on their posture and flexibility. B.D. Somani is the only school in South Mumbai to offer Capoeira as part of the curriculum.
We started Capoeira as an additional school program in 2015-2016 when The Centre For Capoeira India approached us with the idea. It began as a choice in physical activities for Grades 3 to 5. However, the classes were so popular with our students, we made Capoeira part of the curriculum for Grades 1 to 5 in 2016-17. Even our Grade 6 students asked for Capoeira to be continued in Middle School.
Capoeira is a creative form of expression which involves music, language, problem-solving and is open to interpretations, making it a more personal experience for our students. And while Capoeira maintains the discipline and structure important to martial arts, it is more fun. Students work in cooperative groups without any competition. All our students love the collaborative nature of Capoeira.
Enjoyed by all, Capoeira has helped our students immensely. It encourages group work as well as personal commitment and is encouraging and embracing of all students. Capoeira also helps students who might not feel confident in sports to take creative and physical risks within an atmosphere of support and encouragement.
As an important component of our all-around fitness program in Physical Education, Capoeira contributes to more healthy, physically able and less overweight children. Adequate and varied forms of physical activity help brains to function better and can increase powers of concentration.
And our parents love Capoeira too. For two years in a row, we have included Capoeira in our Specialist Evening for parents to experience it and they have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Many of our parents have even asked us to start an adult class for them at school
If you want to learn more about Capoeira and The Centre For Capoeira India, please visit their website.
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