Navroz Billimoria

Principal, Secondary School

Navroz Billimoria grew up in Mumbai, India. He attended the Cathedral and John Connon School, where he was entrusted with leadership roles in the form of School Prefect, School Rugby Captain, and Barham House Captain. After high school, he pursued his undergraduate studies in the United States having been admitted to the School of Engineering at University of Pennsylvania. At UPenn, he majored in Materials Science with a concentration in nano-scale materials, bolstered by minors in Engineering Entrepreneurship and Economics. In his junior year, Navroz sub-matriculated into the Master’s Program in Materials Science at UPenn.

After making the decision to come back to Mumbai, Navroz joined B.D. Somani in August, 2011. During his time at the school, he has contributed to its burgeoning narrative in a variety of ways. As a teacher, he taught Mathematics, Physics, and Theory of Knowledge in Grades 11 and 12. Leadership roles in the form of Approaches to Teaching and Learning Coordinator, IBDP Coordinator, and Deputy Principal paralleled his journey as an educator.

In his ninth year at B.D. Somani, Navroz took time off to pursue his Master’s in Education at Harvard University, having been admitted to the one-year School Leadership Program at the Graduate School of Education. He rejoined B.D. Somani in January 2022, in his former role as Deputy Principal of the Secondary School.

Navroz is a firm believer in the power of holistic education. He relishes bringing out the best in all stakeholders and has a deep connection with the school and its student-centered ethos.

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