Thursday the 17th of October was a triumphant culmination of a month-long journey of hard work and dedication for students of grades 6, 7, and 8.
Annual Day at B.D. Somani is always a special event. This is the time when the students are given a fantastic platform to showcase their artistic talents. This year, the students exceled in every aspect radiating their flair of creative arts. The journey which culminated with an outstanding show at the Sophia Bhabha auditorium, however began a month ago. The auditions for dances, musical performances and comperes geared the students to put their best foot forward.
The theme for this year’s Middle School Annual Day was Navarasa. Expounded in Bharata Muni’s Natya Shastra, the rasa theory is all about channelling of nine emotions through art. With this concept in mind, students had to choose their musical and dance pieces which conveyed the idea of a rasa. This was also reflected in the tireless work of the backstage art team who used the models of kathakali faces and hand gestures to display the idea on stage.
The evening of 17th October began with a promise of a terrific show. Every student of the Middle School actively participated in the show. Be it playing a santoor or a guitar, performing kathak or freestyle dance or traditional Chinese, or be it singing to the tunes of western pop music, the range of arts on display left the audience in awe of the multi-talented virtuosos of B.D. Somani International School. The show was truly a spectacular presentation of teamwork, commitment and hours of hard work both by students and their teachers.
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