Monday Math – Lesson #35

Learning Maths with Manipulatives

Welcome back to #MondayMath once again.

We have been posing Math questions every Monday on our Facebook page. These are questions that our students also encounter in Mathematics classes at B.D. Somani.

Last week’s question was about squares. This week, we induce cravings with a question about sandwiches.

Tanya, Naisha and Parina each made a sandwich. All the sandwiches were the same size and shape.

Tanya cut her sandwich into 2 equal pieces. Naisha cut her sandwich into 3 equal pieces. Parina cut her sandwich into 4 equal pieces.

Each girl ate some of the sandwich she made. Tanya ate 1 piece of her sandwich. Naisha ate 1 piece of her sandwich. Parina ate 2 piece of her sandwich.

Who ate the least amount of sandwich?

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