Reflections on the first week of the new academic year

Every year, we ask our early learners about their experiences on the first few days of the new academic year. This year, we asked our students from Junior Kindergarten for their reflections. Here is a look at how their first week was.

Junior Kindergarten A

Students in Junior Kindergarten A are slowly adjusting to their new routine after a long summer break. Many of them enthusiastically share their personal stories during the morning meetings. Students were engaged in playing various ice-breaker games such as What Is Missing, Scavenger Hunt and Guess The Picture during their group meetings. Students expressed their thoughts through drawings and have spoken about their families and how they love to spend their time with their families.

Junior Kindergarten B

Students in Junior Kindergarten B were very happy to see their friends again and talk to each other. One of our students was very excited to begin her first school. During a follow up for the story You Are My Happy, another student said, “The story First Day at Skeleton School made me happy.” While working with Play-Doh, one of our students said, “I am happy to see my new teachers and making things with Play-Doh.

Junior Kindergarten C

On the first day, we warmed up with one or two easy songs and introductions with new teachers and our friends in the class. Students were very excited to see their friends and new teachers. They enjoyed listening to stories and playing games. One student spoke about all the supplies they’d got for school activities and drew his iPad and a Zoom screen with 13 of his friends and 2 teachers saying, “I was jumping on the bed on the first day of school. I am drawing myself.” Another student shared, “I was very happy all the way till the moon. I enjoyed school and I loved reading the Curious George book.” She drew her table and chair where she sits for her online classes and her iPad. She also enjoyed story time and she drew Curious George with the ice-cream.
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