In today’s world, technology is a true game-changer. At the Tech-know-logy club, we ensure that ardent students can foster a sense of community by sharpening their computing, coding, and collaboration skills.
We kicked off our club by understanding how to use Thunkable, a platform where people without knowledge of coding can build mobile applications, to alter the perspective on the necessity of coding and development. We encouraged non-coders to join our club and use Thunkable for app development, thereby promoting inclusivity and making the club more accessible and inviting. Using this platform, we built a translator app as well.

Expanding the horizons of the Tech-know-logy Club, in 2022 we brought into play monthly Tech Talks. During these talks, we host guest speakers who are pioneers in their field to give us an informative talk on topics related to technology. We started the year with Tech Talk Jan 2022 which was on Tech Trends 2022 by Mr. Chintan Oza, a Strategy & Innovation Management Leader working as President of India Region at OneQuantum and Director at Founder Institute Mumbai. He is titled one of the top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers for blockchain, smart cities, and 5G. Take a look at some of the technology trends that Mr. Chintan has hand-picked for you.

For February, we have collaborated with Maker’s Asylum to talk about How to make ideas happen by Mr. Vaibhav Chhabra, the founder of the organization. Maker’s Asylum is Open Makerspace that allows collaborative ideation & making. They believe that the future of learning is evolving and alternative learning avenues will be significant in customizing people’s learning journeys. They bring interdisciplinary interventions across S.T.E.A.M. to foster a culture of innovation, exploration, and lifelong learning. This workshop on “How to Make Your Ideas Happen!” hosted by Maker’s Asylum integrates design, technology, and solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face today and Have a look at it!

We have additionally started a weekly Tech-know-logy News to spread awareness about technological happenings across the globe which are shared with everyone emailed to everyone in my school community and uploaded on the club’s website for everyone to have a look.

The tech-know-logy club is the perfect fit for all you budding tech enthusiasts, non-coders, too 🙂

Our team:
President – Dhriti Reddy (Grade 12)
Vice President – Mrudgandh Kumbhar (Grade 11)
Chief Technology Officer – Soham Seksaria (Grade 11)
Operations Officer – Ayaana Shah (Grade 9)

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