The Colaba mangrove cleanup experience

The Colaba mangrove clean up with Acropolis was a much required eye opener, leaving most of us B.D. Somani students and Group 2 teachers stunned. Instead of large green mangroves, what we found were shrivelled, nearly dead mangroves, buried under what on first sight looked like a dumping ground.
Grade 11 students and their teachers were divided into two clean up groups – one doing the cleaning and the other building stone bunds. After an hour and a half of getting rid of trash such as glass bottles, mats, clothes, bags, x ray, syringes, and bones, there was much improvement.
However, it was heartbreaking to see these conditions. Our clean up drive was a tiny improvement, and there’s a long way to go is what was observed by us students and so we recommend this great opportunity to make a difference in society. The experience was exhilarating and was a great learning opportunity about human impact on mangroves, and this awareness will definitely bring about a vast change in society.
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