Unwinding after a long time…

11th of February 2022 was a day that we will remember for a long time. It was one of the first school activities in which we participated after two years of lockdown, and it was our first Inter-house tournament after making the transition to secondary. For those few hours, all thoughts of homework and studies were forgotten, and every sixth and seventh-grader was deeply invested in the football and basketball games.
A total of eight games took place that day, each house competing in four each; with four games per sport. The winners of the first games of each sport would compete for first and second place, whereas, the losing teams competed for third and fourth place. The first football match started with a bang, with eagles competing with kites. The overall winners for the football match were the Eagles with 10 points closely followed by hawks with 7 points, Falcons with 5 points, and Kites with 3 points. The basketball part of the tournament was won by the Kites with 10 points, followed by the Falcons with 7 points, the Hawks with 5 points, and the Eagles with 3 points.
All games have their ups and their downs and this was no different for us at BD Somani. One spectacular event took place during the basketball match between Eagle’s and the Kites, where the game went 20 minutes overtime, with three ties. The winner of the game was finally decided over a coin toss, sending the Kites to the finals. One downside for the Hawks was during their football match with the Falcons. They scored a goal, only to realize they had an extra player on the field- resulting in their goal not being counted.
While we were not scoring goals or making baskets, students spent their time at the bake sale. There we indulge in a variety of delicious cookies, cupcakes, drinks, and nachos, prepared by the sixth graders. These appetizing delicacies helped take our minds off the games when they got too intense.

Not only did we have a lot of fun during this event, but we also got to know members of our houses across grades a lot better. We understood the true meaning of the quote

“Who said we are not a team because we work together we are a team because we respect trust and care for each other.”

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