Early Years

At B.D. Somani, we believe that teaching is a process that should encourage children to learn how to think. Even very young children learn to communicate effectively, ask searching questions, solve problems competently, think critically and creatively, and act responsibly.

Reception and Junior Kindergarten classes are half day programs (9:00 am to 1:00 pm) while Kindergarten is full day (8:05 am to 3:20 pm). Teachers provide ample opportunities for play, exploration, and discovery, tapping into young children’s natural curiosity about their world.

Working with open-ended materials such as building blocks, math manipulatives, paint, clay and paper, children make observations and formulate their own questions. The collaborative experiences allow them to develop confidence in communicating their ideas both verbally and in written form. Reading skills are taught in context through a literature-rich environment. Skills in numeracy are embedded in activities throughout the day.

Every day in Early Years includes circle time, block-building, centres time (choices in math, scientific observation, drawing and painting, writing, handwriting), story time and outdoor play. Snack and lunch (for Kindergarten) are important social and discussion times. Kindergarten students have weekly classes with specialist teachers for PE, IT, Music, Yoga and Theatre.


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