Reception: A year of curiosity, exploration, and wonder

Centres time - Reception at BD Somani International School

Do you remember when you were a child you were expected to be seen, not heard? In school, you were discouraged from asking too many questions? The times my friend, they have changed.

At B.D. Somani International School we celebrate questions. Our school follows a progressive approach to learning and a blend of internationally recognised frameworks that foster inquiry and investigation. And it starts with a child’s first day at our school.

When a child asks a question, we don’t give them the answers. Using a gentle, nurturing Socratic approach, we encourage them to discover the answers for themselves. This invariably leads them down a rabbit hole of discovery – of themselves and the world they inhabit.

Circle Time

Our Reception classrooms are large, bright, airy, open spaces that give children the room to explore or just be. Our Early Years teachers are kind, gentle, compassionate, collaborative and dedicated and passionate about guiding children’s learning endeavours in a meaningful way.


Every day in Reception begins with circle time, followed by block-building, centres time (choices in math, scientific observation, drawing and painting, writing, handwriting), outdoor play and ending with story time. It is a simple agenda with plenty of time for personal choice, play, and social interaction. The focus is not only on cognitive development but also on the social development of our young learners.

Holiday Reflections

Mathematical thinking and language expression are integrated into all our activities. Paint, clay, and crayons are used to express children’s ideas and experiences.

In addition to fostering curiosity, observation, and inquiry, we emphasise independence, collaboration, free spirit, honesty, respect for self and others and ownership of actions.

Outdoor block building

When children move up to Junior Kindergarten, they can manage themselves in their school environs; they are willing to try new things, confident and very expressive.

When you entrust your precious young child to us, know that we are just as committed as you to nurturing them to be global citizens of the future, lifelong learners, contributors to their community and champions of the world they inhabit.

Our Reception Teachers


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