In 2019, a few of our alumni from the class of 2016 got together to start Fempower, the first-of-its-kind, millennial-focused platform in India featuring female founders across industry niches. Through this initiative, Fempower aims to function as a resource to support founders at each stage of their journey. Fempower’s mission is to redefine the existing narrative by showcasing the hurdles and success stories of female entrepreneurs. By building a transformational, support-based community of women that share the common vision of entrepreneurship, Fempower seeks to further the cause of female empowerment.
Earlier this year, Fempower also launched a Student Ambassador Program, an opportunity for high-school students interested in entrepreneurship and women empowerment. Student Ambassadors serve as Fempower representatives and perform duties at various Fempower campus and community events. This is a great opportunity for students to build leadership skills, explore their passion for entrepreneurship with access to entrepreneurs and exclusive panels and events and also build their resume for college and potentially secure internships.
Here, the team behind Fempower talk about their educational journey at B.D. Somani and how it helped shape their perspectives and gave them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Having just shifted from an ICSE school and being exposed to a completely new educational system, the IBDP, I was apprehensive about the transition to B.D. Somani. However, as soon as I began, my worries were put to rest as I saw the commitment of the faculty to helping students settle in, bringing out the best in them and facilitating bonding within the community with the Della Resorts camp right at the beginning of 11th grade. I am so grateful for the wonderful relationships I built with my teachers who taught me - Mr. Callahan, Mr. Navroz, Ms. Priyanka, Ms. Anupama... just to name a few. BD faculty, and the friends that I made through my 2 years there, including the entire Fempower team, are people that will always be close to my heart! Time flew by and I will always look back fondly on all my memories from TOK projects, MUN and club activities on Wednesdays to Spirit Week, Prom and all the social events we students had!

B.D. Somani provided me with many opportunities that shaped me into the woman that I am today. During my time at school, I was involved in numerous projects that helped shape the way I think. Events like the BDSMUN brought me out of my shell and provided me with an opportunity to become confident and develop my public speaking skills. Participating in the school play taught me how to be a team player. Special projects like. The BD Young Entrepreneurs Challenge helped me develop a business acumen in an engaging and unique way. My education at B.D. Somani went beyond textbooks and I learned valuable life skills during my time there that shaped me into the woman that I am today.

The IB program at B.D. Somani allows students to not only develop a hunger for knowledge and unflinching curiosity, but also grow meaningful relationships with their peers and faculty members. At B.D. Somani, they offered Further Mathematics, an option that was not available at other IB schools. Even though we were a class of 2, the school did justice to our extensive learning needs and provided an enriching fruitful experience that has helped me in my college life. B.D. Somani is an extremely supportive school. When I proposed the idea to amass funds for the children of Nepal who lost access to schools due to a catastrophic Earthquake, the whole school came together - spanning grades and friend groups, our team built morale quickly, united by our desire to help. Ultimately, we secured three corporate donors and hosted a Marine Drive Walk-a-thon for 1000+ students that raised over $30,000, enabling a new school to be built for 365 Nepali students. BD support does not end after you leave the school. We have returned with our start-up Fempower and B.D. Sonani has been helping us grow the Student Ambassador program. The school's enthusiasm and encouragement around this collaboration is a testament to their commitment to cultivating students into thought leaders and true-doers.

Attending B. D. Somani was my inflection point. After being nurtured and strengthened at the same school for the past 12 years, it was an opportunity to break out of my bubble and showcase all that I had learned. I fondly remember seeing Mr. Animesh’s smiling face as I walked through the gates, the crucial decision of waiting for the elevator or taking the stairs to avoid detention by minute, Mr. Paul’s witty and insightful conversations about how volumes could be unfolded from a seemingly ordinary table arrangement at the Ramsay’s will always be cherished. And of course, the friendships I made hold a very special place in my heart. Will always reminisce and be grateful for my time spent.

B.D. Somani has been a very open school and the bonds that we shared with our teachers allowed us to expand our learning experiences and gain more knowledge and understand in a particular field. From the international system we learned not only how to be curious but also come up with out of the box ideas and apply them in the context of the real world.

B.D. Somani taught me a lot, especially about myself, friendships and life. I was able to break out of my shell & blossom into who I am today because of the endless opportunities & experiences I gained while at school. From TEDx to the IB Art exhibition - I was able to learn new skills & hone my existing ones. The hands on & holistic approach to learning allowed me to understand various subjects better and learn life skills along the way too.

B.D. Somani was a complete hands-on, experiential school where all of us were constantly involved in interactive teaching and learning sessions in modern, tech-savvy classrooms; conducting science experiments in science laboratories or imbibing the magic of mathematics from what I believe is the best faculty for mathematics. The school takes a happy, healthy and holistic learning experience. Being in this school made me into a real go-getter, confident and knowledgeable person.

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