Diploma Programme Coordinators’ Convocation at B.D. Somani International School

The B.D. Somani International School, Mumbai hosted a virtual convocation for Diploma Programme Coordinators on Saturday, 21 Nov 2020. 54 participants from 39 schools across India registered and met virtually to collaborate and exchange ideas as we navigate through this unprecedented academic year. Based on the participants’ response to a pre-convocation survey, four key areas were identified for discussion. Robust discussions were held on plans for reopening school and bringing students back to campus, online assessments, preparing students for the M21 examination and completing the IAs and CAS during distance learning.
It was extremely encouraging and reassuring to see the wholehearted willingness of the participants to share best practices regarding how to provide appropriate and timely guidance and support to the DP year 2 students. The range of varied experiences shared in this forum was rich and extremely helpful for all members.
In many ways this event was a great example of the fact that the IB Learner profile attributes are not necessarily limited to the students. At the event we were both inquirers and knowledgeable about our domain; we communicated in a thoughtful and principled manner. We were open-minded and willing to risk putting out our questions and queries to complete strangers. Our discussions were balanced and allowed for reflection of our practices and procedures. And finally, the whole idea to host this event emerged from the fact that we all care about our students’ well being.
We, at B.D. Somani, deeply appreciate the presence and participation of all the IBDP practitioners from across the country, without whom this event would not have been the success it was. As mentioned at the convocation, the intention was not to proclaim expertise in dealing with the situations and concerns of this pandemic affected academic year but to collaborate and brainstorm ideas that will help us provide our students the best possible support and preparation as they approach the May 21 examination.
A special note of thanks to Mr Sudipta Kumar Roy, DPC at The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad and Ms Rini Ghosh, DPC at Jamnabai Narsee International School, Mumbai for moderating their respective sessions. A huge congratulations also to our DP coordinator, Dr Rupesh Solgoankar, for organising this event so efficiently and seamlessly.
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