Over the first few days of this brand-new academic year, we asked our young students in Primary School one question: What does school mean to you? Their answers spanned a wide range of emotions but what stands out clearly is how much our students enjoy school and how much they enjoy learning. Here are some of the responses:
“School is a place where you learn things and a place where you play games.”
“In school, we learn in different, fun ways. We learn how to work in a group. We learn how to be organized, responsible and independent.”
“To me, school means everything.”
“I like school because the teachers are kind. School means a lot me.”
“To me, school means a place full of fun and excitement and a place where you sometimes can go crazy. A place where you can make so many new friends and work with so many different teachers and where you can be naughty but also listen to the teachers. But most of all a place to learn new things.”
“To me school means a colourful, exciting and energetic place to make friends and to learn in a respectful and amusing way.”
“School to me means a place where you can learn lots of different things, sing, share information, learn about our nation and learn many skills.”
“School to me means fun, exploration and excitement but also studies and learning many subjects and languages.”
“To me, school means my second home. It is a place where we learn and have fun.”
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