Monday Math – Lesson #12

Maths instruction in class

Welcome back to #MondayMath once again.

For a few months now, we have been posing Math questions every Monday on our Facebook page. These are questions that our students also encounter in Mathematics classes at B.D. Somani.

Last week, we needed your help to determine qualifiers for the Winter Olympics. This week, it is time for some marathon practise.

Saloni started an exercise plan to prepare to run a marathon. She ran one kilometre on the first day. She ran two kilometres on each of the next two days. Saloni ran three kilometres a day for three days. Next, she ran four kilometres a day for four days.

If Saloni continues this training schedule, on what day will she first run 6 kilometres a day?

How many kilometres will she have run altogether in her training when she completes that first 6-kilometre run?


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