CAS – Quarter 2 students’ testimony

The past few weeks we focused more on ‘Activity in CAS’ which came with its own set of unique challenges. Getting my peers to come together and make a dance video, which the children would see and then dance along with, was a very tall task, and even though some of my friends were unenthusiastic about the same, we had fun during the process. We also curated questionnaires regarding physical fitness & health to help increase awareness about exercises necessary to keep fit during Covid-19. It was a great experience for me. I did something I was not comfortable doing. This experience helped me gain new skills.

The last few sessions have been different and challenging in some ways. It was a good change to teach them certain activities rather than just academics. We learned to play to our strengths and teach skills that we are best at, rather than ones that we already assumed they would know, for example dancing. We decided to teach them football and skills specific to a few other sports, where everyone got to not only show what they are good at but also spread this knowledge to the kids at Vatsalya.

In the past few weeks, we have focussed on the ‘Activity’ portion of CAS. It has been an absolute pleasure to curate these activities and exercises. It has given us valuable moments of reflection into our lifestyle and has allowed us to add a sort of personal touch to the activities we do. The past few weeks have been filled with excitement, some challenges, and a lot of creativity. We recently decided to shake things up and perform short dance steps to fulfil the ‘Activity’ aspect of CAS. We look forward to working closely with the entire CAS team and enriching ourselves during this process & enhancing our skills.

This quarter, we worked with Hamari Silai on the ‘activity’ aspect of CAS. We were at a loss about what kind of activity 20-30-year-old women would like but upon discussion, we realized that yoga would be a great option. We showed them a video and modelled various yoga poses with them. They mentioned that it was extremely invigorating and that it was a great opportunity for them to engage in physical activity especially because they’re constantly torn between their work-life with Hamari Silai and their familial requirements. They mentioned that they wanted to do some arts and crafts as well so we adapted to fulfil their wishes. We taught them how to make pompoms from newspapers and then did a cheerleading routine workout with them. We, as well as them, enjoyed it thoroughly and CAS this quarter was a wonderful opportunity that taught us how to engage in physical activity despite being separated by a screen.

For our CAS activity, we created modules on exercise videos. This activity advocated the need for physical fitness which I feel is extremely crucial. Especially during the pandemic, it is pivotal to maintain an equilibrium in both our mental and physical health and making this video helped elucidate its necessity and requirement. This was a very meaningful activity as we could impart our knowledge with the exercises we learned during our physical education classes and share that knowledge with those who can be beneficial to them. I felt that this CAS activity facilitated the expansion of my horizons as it challenged my creativity and identified different ways of presenting information through a variety of media. I was able to use my interpretation and use and find different ways of making the exercises amusing through a superhero theme. This CAS activity not only helped in challenging my creativity but also assisted me with my physical exercise and enhanced my understanding of the importance of physical health.

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