Category: Early Years

How our young students have adapted to virtual learning

At B.D. Somani International School, we believe that teaching is a process that should encourage children to learn how to think. It is this belief that drives our Early Years virtual schooling program as well as our focus on communication and building bonds with students.

Of watermelons, cucumbers and our very own pesto

Take a look at our marvellous terrace garden and learn how gardening has become a much-loved and integral part of our Primary School curriculum across all grades. And don’t forget to ask our Primary School students for the perfect pesto recipe.

Number Talks

Many students who pursue careers that require higher math often find that their foundation based entirely on rote memorisation utterly fails them. At B.D. Somani, things are a little bit different. Our Primary school students actually enjoy Mathematics. We make Mathematics interesting and real for our students.

Behind the scenes at Children’s Day

Not for us the generic Children’s Day celebrations. At B.D. Somani International School, Primary, Children’s Day is a day of fun and games and many

Welcome back to school

The first day of a new school year brings feelings of anticipation, excitement, nervousness and questioning. Many teachers have a nightmare on the night before

Learning Hindi in B.D. Somani Primary

Do you remember how you were taught Hindi at school? You were probably taught all the vyanjans (consonants), followed by the swars (vowels), barakhadi. This

Professional development at B.D. Somani

B.D. Somani International School consistently invests in the training and development of its teaching staff to ensure that the school is always on the cutting

Children’s Day at B.D. Somani

Today is November 14, Pandit Nehru’s birthday. Children’s Day is celebrated nationwide in honour of Pandit Nehru, the first prime minister of India. He believed