The first day of a new school year brings feelings of anticipation, excitement, nervousness and questioning. Many teachers have a nightmare on the night before school opens – the alarm doesn’t ring, the train is cancelled, there are 40 teenagers instead of 20 six year olds. Children wake up early with bags already packed and don freshly laundered uniforms. Parents worry that they didn’t use the long break well but are eagerly awaiting freedom to return to work or go to the gym.
At B D Somani, the overwhelming feeling is excitement for all and the first day of school sees children jumping off buses and running to their friends on the field, teachers happy to be reunited with colleagues and students and parents full of gratitude that school is a place where their children will exercise their curiosity, explore ideas, solve problems and express their understandings.
This year we welcomed a fourth section of our entry grade level, Reception. Teachers visited with all 80 students at home so that there was already some familiarity on the first day of school. New teachers had already had a week to collaborate with their experienced colleagues and new students at each grade level lost their “newness” in a day or two.
An overarching theme for learning this year will focus on growth and nutrition using the much anticipated garden on the terrace and a dedicated kitchen space to expand our cooking programs. Learning outside the classroom has already begun – young children exploring puddles and pouring rain in a garden or taking observational walks in the neighbourhood while Grade 4 students explore the nearby fishing colony and Grade 5 prepares for an archaeological dig.
We are proud that our Primary School has become a beacon of progressive international education in South Mumbai. Throughout the year, we will host many teacher interns and visitors who want to see best practices in education in action. Welcome to the 2018/19 school year which promises to be busy, productive and full of excitement.
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