Exploring CAS in the Corridors of B.D. Somani: Student Reflections


In cooking, I learned how to cook a few recipes and this helped us learn basic skills which would be helpful in the future for me. Cooking helped us improve our skills and create our own version of the recipes from the ingredients provided to us. My favorite part was the tasting & sharing of what we made. This was a fun and positive learning experience. Now, I will utilize my new knowledge and skills to enhance the flavors of foods and prepare my own delicious meals. The experiences in this course ignited my personal creativity and desire to learn more.


Teaching children maths at the Oscar foundation was a great experience that taught us, students, what it’s like to be at the other end of the classroom. It was a new challenge and I think both the children from the OSCAR foundation and us benefited. We were motivated to understand our moral & social responsibility to educate at least one child & share what we have learned.


Salaam Bombay really challenged us and made us step out of our comfort zone because putting up a dance was no easy task. It required both determination and courage. There was an exchange of learning from both sides as we collaborated and supported each other to become better. It brought out a creative side in us, even the non-dancers.


In design and technology, I learned how to use software used to build 3d objects and learned about the features of the software. Not only that, but I learned about 3d printing and laser cutting. This CAS activity helped me learn more about 3d design and made me transfer my ideas of designs to the software. It helped me improve my creativity and organizational skills.


In crochet, we learned new skills in which we needed to be calm and focused to get it right. Each of the patterns challenged us in different ways and we gave our best to each. This required good hand-eye coordination and at the same time, we were required to be patient. This creativity task was a lot of fun to do and taught me a new skill and kept me detriment to do more. 


The head of the organization, Mr. Maruti showed us the area that they work from and gave us an experience of how they make their products. After hearing him explain, the economist in my head came alive. I realized that they have tools and skilled workers to make products however, they lack a large labour force and a steady stream of fabric. Currently, they are simply buying fabric from the Dadar market at normal prices. I believe that having a tie-up with a specific big company would be very beneficial for them as they may get better deals and a reliable supply of fabric. I plan to expand the horizons of the Hamari Silai website by linking it to its other initiatives such as teaching middle school children and football coaching.


While collaborating with the first-generation Yasham Foundation students, I was able to cover simple topics with them over a period of time. I noticed that a lot of students struggled in grasping basic English concepts such as nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Additionally, there were a large number of students in the classroom, with only one teacher. My task was to work with one student individually and only focus on her so that it would ensure efficient learning. I was extremely passionate and happy to be involved in this project due to the fact that quality education is an essential topic to be focused on in today's day. While teaching the students, I was able to take a lot back from them as well. I was able to develop the skill of teamwork, patience, and communication. Additionally, I learned to value my resources much more and appreciate the education that we are provided with.


Sports- During the activity segment of CAS, the sports we played included badminton, cricket, football, and basketball. It was unlike other CAS experiences as there was no fixed agenda, so it allowed us to pick our favorite sport and enjoy it with our friends. We did activities such as fun shootouts in football and throwing contests in cricket. Moreover, it acted as a stress-buster after a long day of school making it more enjoyable. The highlight for me was trying to tackle Mr. Navroz as he sprinted past me when he joined our football match. It allowed me to interact with him on a more personal level and learn details about his rugby career.

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