Welcome to BDSIS Alumni Reunion 2023: Student Reflections

My experience at the alumni meet was incredibly nostalgic and heartwarming. Getting to see all my seniors and teachers huddled in one spot, eager to talk to me about my present and future, I felt nurtured. Overall the event was a lot of fun, and very meticulously planned. Thank you so much BD Somani!

My experience with the alumni meet was amazing! I loved meeting not only all my teachers but also students I knew from various batches across the years. Interacting with everyone made me extremely nostalgic and I really missed high school. I really appreciate the school for organising such an amazing event.

My experience with BD and IB taught me to think out of the box. I learnt how to apply my learnings in the real world. It helped with my overall development and not just academics. Theatre Arts made me a more confident person. Currently, my theater experience helps me with my career and while giving business talks publicly.

I had a great time learning about fellow alumni, personally and professionally. I was surprised to discover how much synergy there is with others. It was very heartwarming to meet my teachers and reconnect with them. I am looking forward to attending other similar events in the future.

The alumni meet the school organized was a great initiative to reflect back on fond memories during our time at BD and also for the alumni in touch with each other as well as the school faculty. I am so glad to know the school has made it an annual meet and look forward to the next one!

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