Endings, beginnings and everything in the middle

In Dr Geoffrey Fisher’s, latest vlog, he talks about how January and February are busy for the students and teachers at B.D. Somani International School. With mock exams, math tests, and field trips, the school is bustling with activity and excitement.

As the school year winds down, the faculty are deciding whether they will continue with the school next year, and the school is actively searching for new staff to fulfil its curriculum expectations. Yet, despite the busyness, the school also takes a moment to reflect on what is truly important in education.

B.D. Somani is dedicated to being an academically rigorous school, striving to reach high academic standards through personalized and engaging learning experiences. Therefore, the curriculum is designed with a broad sweep of opportunities, including tests, but also emphasizing field trips and hands-on learning.

The teachers at B.D. Somani are experts in various educational techniques and aim to foster a positive relationship between students and teachers. Recent research has shown that this relationship is crucial for successful learning.
Ranking students is not acceptable, as it damages their self-confidence. Instead, the school constantly assesses its methods, verifies its results, and is proud of its strong record of university admissions.

The students at B.D. Somani is hardworking and dedicated, and we support their growth through team sports and an after-school program. Field trips are also integral to the school’s curriculum, providing students with cultural knowledge, community involvement, and a sense of their country and its people.
As AI and technology continue to advance, B.D. Somani remains committed to finding new ways to support its students’ holistic learning experiences. The school constantly reflects on its methods to ensure we provide the best education possible.

In conclusion, Dr Fisher encourages families to support their children’s education. An investment in their education is an investment in their future and B.D. Somani is proud to be a part of that journey.

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