IB DP Subject selection guidance Meeting at BD Somani International School

We had an IB DP Subject selection meeting on 24th Jan for the incoming IB DP students on our school campus. The aim of this meeting was to help the students make informed decisions about subjects considering their strengths, liking and university course requirements. The event was a huge success and proved to be an informative and educational experience for all the students and parents who attended.

The meeting began with the welcome address by the our deputy principal Ms. Shalini Sharma, who emphasized on the benefits of joining DP program to be curious, creative and life long learner. Later our current Grade 12 student Malvika Mehta addressed the audience to share her experience of deciding her subject for the DP program. She emphasized on the importance of selecting the subjects that you like the most and not getting influenced by just what your friends are taking. She also shared how guidance from her seniors, teachers and university guidance team has helped her finalize her subjects.

Mr. Navroz Billimoria, our Principal of Secondary school further encouraged us to take the process seriously and make it specific to suit your career path, and not just following the stereotype. He shared an example of an alumnus how he opted the subjects which he has never studied before including Theatre Arts, but went to pursue business in NYU stern.

Further Dr. Rupesh Solgaonkar, our DP Coordinator guided students through the IB protocol of selecting subjects and how they are offered at BD Somani. He gave a glimpse of our successful results of past 15 batches and how we have always maintained our average grades well above DP world average.
He further shared the details of each subject group and various subjects available in each group while also introducing Group HOD’s. He encouraged students to focus on skills they gain by studying the subject rather than just the content knowledge, because in future content knowledge is easily available but skills to use this knowledge to your benefit is the key.
Next, parents and students visited each subject and DP Core stall where all teachers gave them a glimpse of books, Internal Assessments and gave them all the specific details of paper components of DP Exams. Here they also provided information on the content of each subject, the skills and knowledge that students will gain, and the career opportunities available in each field. This helped the students to have a clear understanding of the subjects they wanted to take and the prerequisites they needed to fulfill.
In conclusion, the subject selection meeting was a resounding success. The students left the event feeling well-informed and confident in their subject choices. The school administration and the teachers did an excellent job of making sure that the students had all the information they needed to make informed decisions about their future academic and career paths.

‘Learning should not take us somewhere; it should allow us later to go further more easily’

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