Last week students of Grade 6 treated the school to some mouth-watering delicacies when they participated in the International Food Fest. As part of their Humanities curriculum, students explored the various cuisines, which have gained popularity in India as a result of migration. Food as a strong cultural symbol travels around the world and brings communities closer bridging the gaps brought about by differences in race, colour and religion. Students here had a chance to trace the journey of these cuisines from their home country to India.
Did you know Caesar salad is from Mexico?” voiced one surprised student. “The samosa actually came from the Middle East and was called sanbosag” quipped another informed student. These and many such revelations introduced the students to a kind of cultural diffusion brought about by food. They were certainly amazed the way in which some of their favourite dishes had travelled to reach this destination. The usually drab looking cafeteria tables groaned under the combined weight of delicious cheesecakes, muffins, hummus, pastas and quesadillas. Moreover, students didn’t just research, but also prepared the various dishes on display, some crossing the thresholds of their kitchen for the very first time. Channelling their inner MasterChef, they excelled themselves even when presenting these dishes to their audience. They chronicled their own journey through designing of posters where they chartered the recipes, ingredient lists and their own reflection on the whole process.
For students of grade 6, this hands-on activity honed their research skills and presentation techniques as they regaled their visitors with their knowledge. This was an achievement each and every one was proud of. While some marvelled at the origin of their dishes, others were simply blown away by the extent of their culinary skills marking this the beginning of their (hopefully) long association with experimentation in kitchen.
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