2019 IGCSE monsoon trip to Gholvad

For the Annual Monsoon trip for IGCSE students this year, we went to the Treat Resort and Spa in Gholvad. Driving through the picturesque town just beyond Mumbai’s last station on the western railway line, Gholvad greeted the students of grades 9 and 10, along with 13 teachers with a promise of a great trip.
Day 1 was inaugurated on a high note with students from all four houses collaborating in a treasure hunt activity, which tested their ability of working in a team. The late afternoon sun saw the students involved in a wide array of games in the beach sports festival on the Bordi Beach, where they kept up their house spirits as they participated in sports like kho-kho, football and throwball. In the evening, Sherlock Holmes descended in the conference room for a detective style science activity. The day ended with the students firing up their brain cells for a Maths quiz.
For day 2, students were divided into groups of two, who then switched back and forth between visiting the balloon factory, an Adivasi village, a local school and a nature walk. The visit to the balloon factory exposed them to the workings of a small-scale industry where the business and economics students tried to work out the variables involved in keeping a factory running. Their visit to the local school resulted in inventions of various pedagogical methods especially when language was a barrier to communication.
An insight into the lives of the local people during their visit to the Adivasi village showed the students the hardships and resilience of the people with limited means. They also used this time to prepare a video promoting Gholvad as a potential tourist destination. A walk through the verdant paddy fields and chikoo laden orchards prepared the students for an evening activity of composing a poetry along the lines of Wordsworth and Keats. The evening also tested their knowledge of English literature with a quiz that revealed their love of reading. The highlight of the day was the talent show, where the students presented their flair for dancing, singing and playing the musical instruments serenading the judges and the audience alike.
With day 3’s return journey looming large the students engrossed themselves in the art of Warli in a workshop conducted by a local artist. The trip ended with the students emboldened with a broader perspective towards the world around them.
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