Post written by Avanti Sheth, Grade 11 It’s safe to say that 2017’s Senior BD Idol was a huge hit. It was “the best talent we have to offer,” as Yahan correctly said. Right from the video montage to the very last performance, the contestants’ 
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Post written by Tarini Tiwari, Grade 11 The First World War ended on the 11th of November, 1918. 99 years later, it is easy for us to forget the importance of it and the men who died. 1.5 million Indians fought over the course of 
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Global Perspectives is a unique subject, which has broadened my understanding of the world we are living in. Daryush Mehta, Grade 9 I have learned to respect other viewpoints and understand how to research. I have gained a lot of confidence in speaking in front 
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