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Learning Computer Science is NOT FUN!!!!

Who says that????

Computer Science is an amazing field of study, giving us new things to learn every day. In a field that is advancing at a speed faster than light, there is so much to learn each and every day. We make use of various technological devices and use our knowledge with various technologies in everyday life. Our aim at BD is to empower our students to use technology as a tool with confidence.

Our Grade 9 students of Computer Science were provoked to present their prior knowledge of INPUT and OUTPUT Devices. For the same, they were divided into two groups and given complete freedom to choose their mode of presentation. To much surprise, they used their creative minds and decided to make a website and a song “THE EXTROVERT DEVICES”. Yes, you heard it right. One group decided to showcase the understanding of OUTPUT devices by writing and compiling a song.

I hope you all groove along with the tune!!!

This blog post has been authored by Ms. Anjali Jadhav, Computer Science Teacher (IGCSE)

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