Noa Eappen and Kasha Sachdev: Setting World Records!

Noa Eappen & Kasha Sachdev, both won all 5 Golds at the PRO World Championship, on 11th May’23. They not only won Gold, but also set World records!

Given under is what they achieved-

Noa Eappen, Age 13 years, won gold in all 5 categories for Teen-1, Female, U60, but set World records in all 5!

  • Squat – 57.5 kgs (World Record)
  • Bench – 40 kgs (World Record)
  • Deadlift – 95 kgs (World Record)
  • Push Pull – 135 kgs (World Record)
  • Full Powerlifting – 192.5 kgs (World Record)

Kasha Sachdev, Age 15 years, won gold on Al 5 categories for Teen-1, Female, U75, but set World records in 2!

  • Squat – 70 kgs (World Record)
  • Bench – 32.5 kgs
  • Deadlift – 95 kgs
  • Push Pull – 127.5 kgs
  • Full Powerlifting – 207.5 kgs (World Record)

Their unwavering dedication and hard work have not only made us proud but also brought immense glory to B.D. Somani International School.

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