“Mellontikos Technologia -2023” – the Design and Technology Exhibition was held on 17th May, 2023. This exhibition featured a diverse range of projects done by the Middle School students in the subjects of Innovation & Design and Information Technology (Design and Technology). The students enthusiastically and confidently explained the various projects which included woodworking, drones, roller coasters, 3D printing, catapult and bridge building, Sustainable Development Goals or SDG along with Scratch codes about them, biomimicry, laser cutter, board games , games designed with Python code, projects related to Artificial Intelligence on  various topics besides informative charts made by students detailing the various topics learnt through this Academic Year. In addition, attendees sportingly participated in posing for videos in front of a green screen which was immediately  edited into fun videos by the Grade 8 students.

Dr. Geoffery Fisher, our Head of School, summed it up beautifully in his words, “ To move seamlessly from coding to greenscreen filming to woodworking, design, SDGs, laser cutting, 3D printing, development, problem solving, engagement, interest, learning (so much learning). It was a joyous time for me. The thing that impressed me most was the student’s engagement in their own journey and learning.”

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