Group 4 Project: Interdisciplinary Activity

B. D. Somani International School organized the fifteenth Group 4 project for the Grade 11
students on the 19th and 20th of April 2023. The ‘Group 4 Project’ is an interdisciplinary
activity in which all IB Diploma Programme science students are required to participate.

The goal is for students across the different Group 4 science subjects to analyze a common topic.

The topic selected for this year was “Agriculture”. This year’s Group 4 Project aimed to
understand the importance of agriculture in our lives and how it contributes to the world’s food supply. As part of the 2-day project, students investigated and analyzed ‘Agriculture’ from the perspective of each individual science (physics, chemistry, biology, ESS). Some of the topics investigated by the students were the impact of pollution, vertical farming, sustainable
agriculture, the importance of water, the role of fertilizers and pesticides, etc.

On the first day, students performed various experiments in each of the science disciplines
related to the common topic, ‘Agriculture’ and analyzed their data to reach meaningful
conclusions to better understand the topic. On the second day of the project, they collaborated
and consolidated their observations and subsequently organized a ‘Group 4 Project Exhibition’.

During the Group 4 Project Exhibition, the students explained various complex concepts in an
understandable manner which was impressive and a testament to their hard work and

Throughout the two days, students were engaged at school in conducting different scientific activities which were planned in advance. The Group 4 Project aimed to develop various skills such as critical thinking and inquiry, research skills, practical skills, analysis skills, effective communication, and collaboration, and being balanced and caring individuals. The Group 4 Project provided an excellent opportunity for the students to apply their scientific knowledge to real-world issues and explore agriculture’s role in our daily lives.

This post has been co-authored by Dr. Meghna

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