In Conversation with Grade 9

When we started our journey into the IGCSE program, we realized very quickly how the approaches to teaching and learning that our teachers take, support each one of us to gradually but surely develop the Cambridge learner attributes. The emphasis is on applying the concepts learned in any subject to real-life situations and then reflecting upon them for a better understanding. Recently in English, we learned how to write an interview, how to transcribe oral speech into the written script, and how to read the non-verbal language of the interviewee in order to add interest to their written piece. A few of us decided to apply this learning in real-time and interview our classmates to get their insights on different ways in which they prepare for assignments and their de-stress routine after a summative week.
Here are a few excerpts from our activity:
Through our online mode of education during the pandemic, we were allowed to access Kognity, an online learning platform that serves as an online textbook. Almost all of our classmates use Kognity to study for their upcoming assessments, either skimming through the various topics or using the strength tests that the website provides. Apart from Kognity, note-taking is another means of revision that many Grade 9 students utilize. Through our interviews, we noticed that many either make new notes from the school textbooks and Kognity or go through the notes taken during classes.
Having just finished all our summatives, we also wanted to know how our classmates wind down and de-stress after these assessments. Netflix was the most common response we received, with shows like Stranger Things, The Office, Shark Tank, and Friends being adored by many in our grade. Apart from TV shows, some of our classmates feel relaxed while taking their dogs out for a walk on Marine Drive and playing their favorite sports, such as football.
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