Reflections in CAS: Hamari Silai – The Creator of Superwomen from the Slums

Hamari Silai is a gem hidden in the slums of Mumbai where women are empowered to be self-reliant. They use their skills of tailoring to create items such as tablecloths,
sanitary napkins, scrunchies, and school uniforms. The women are helped to become self-sufficient and earn for themselves so they don’t need to be dependent; this motivates them. The women in the NGO wish to provide for their families. They believe it gives them the opportunity to express themselves and gain more confidence in their social role. They’ve learned to read, communicate with clients, and gain practical experience that they aim to pass on to their daughters. This work in the NGO works as a stepping stone for them and helps provide them with better jobs in the future. The NGO hopes to provide women with a platform to express themselves through the art of stitching and sewing. It is extremely impressive to see the women using minimal materials to support their families. They have classes for women who want to learn how to stitch so they can find jobs to help their families. As all the women come from low-income families these kinds of opportunities are the buttress to their careers. Many women who have worked with Hamari Silai are now successful shop owners in their villages and many have also secured small jobs which helps them be independent. Hamari Silai is giving women wings to fly.

Women should be independent, and they pass this attribute to their descendants. Stitching and sewing are passions for the women of Hamari Silai who turn cloth into fashion. In between the slums stand these strong females, who are motivated to think beyond the details.

Let this exposure be their stepping stone,
To gain a reputation in this world to be known.
Women are helped to gain confidence,
One by one they can make a difference.
Women are growing wings to fly,
To all dependence and stereotypes, they say goodbye.

This post has been co-authored by Aditi Chhajed, Grade 9.

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