New academic year, same situation but one with more positivity!

As another year of online school begins, believe us—we know just how taxing it is. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! With the pandemic finally slowing down and restrictions easing up, we are more certain that all of us will FINALLY be able to be back at school, in person.
Although interactions with our friends—old and new—and teachers with whom we previously shared happy chatter in the hallways have been forced onto Google Meets, it’s not without its benefits.
And so… Here’s our top 5 list of the pros of online school:
  1. Extra time to sleep!!! (no more waking up at 7 am to reach school on time)
  2. No need to walk up a flight of stairs every day, or rush to get the lift by 9:30 am!
  3. Pajamas and more pajamas—who needs to dress up if we’re only seeing faces?
  4. YAY! for the new Wednesday schedule.
  5. So much more flexibility between classes! You can switch between Economics and your CAS group meeting in a matter of seconds.
But on a more serious note, our mental well-being has never been more important than it is right now, and it is of utmost importance to maintain the positive spirit that characterises BD students.
The Senior Student Council has been desperately trying to stay sane during these trying times and here’s how some of us are balancing our work and free time. Few minutes of working on a non-academic activity has been a great help for us. And if you get inspired, try finding something for yourself to bring a balance:
Ryka has been dancing away to Just Dance in her living room—successfully (sometimes) dragging her brother to play with her
Sara has been obsessively lighting every candle in her house and making playlists for all the new music she finds in each phase of the lockdown
Shreyas has been trying to shove his problems and looming due dates under his pillow with his perpetual naps, and honestly, has been pretty successful!
Khushi works on intricate puzzles as a stress buster—letting herself gain some freedom from the glaring screen
We know this year has been a difficult one, but we hope these help you get a few ideas on how to spend your free time doing something other than writing essays, solving questions, and reading textbooks!
Adopting a positive attitude truly makes these days easier 🙂

Signing off and hoping to see everyone at school very soon,

The Student Council

This post has been authored by our Senior Student Council.
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