Spotlight on Students’ CAS Project

…And CAS continues to be virtual
BD Students haven’t let the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic stand in their way of delivering meaningful CAS projects. Students have come up with innovative and purposeful ideas for CAS. Examples include everything from creating worksheets, reaching out to old age parents, making personalized cards & fundraising for a cause through sports.
Students have also used this time to try and solve some of the challenges arising from the pandemic, including making and distributing face masks or selling them to raise funds for good causes. They have also shown they are open-minded thinkers by adapting their ongoing CAS projects such as supporting Oscar, Yasham & Vatsalya.
Here are a few personal insights & collaborative perspectives on focussed CAS projects- student’s initiative.

Ropan: Ropan was an initiative to raise awareness about deforestation both locally and globally. The team compiled a documentary, which can be viewed on YouTube, by collecting interviews from specialists in the field that educated the public about the causes, effects and solutions to deforestation. The team also set up a fundraising campaign to raise money for the NGO, Vanashakti, which deals with forest restoration in Mumbai.

Lockdown Showdown: The project Lockdown Showdown was an initiative to spread COVID-19 awareness amongst children through the form of games such as word searches and Pictionary. They taught children about the dangers of COVID as well as how to stay safe during the Pandemic through various fun activities arranged over a Zoom meeting.
Dear Bombay: The Dear Bombay project was initiative taken by students to showcase there love for their city. Dear Bombay is a website that focuses on spreading awareness about undiscovered locations in Mumbai as attempt to connect Mumbaikars to their roots. Along with that the website educates people about important NGOs located in Mumbai such as BODH and WSD.
Arpan: With the onset of the pandemic and changing financial situations, Arpan was a project that aimed to provide some relief to the children at Wadia Hospital, whose families lacked the funds for their treatment. The team hosted an online concert, showcasing the school’s talent in singing, dancing and more, all to raise funds for these children, streaming this on Youtube and raising money through donations.
Even Angels Need A Voice: Team EANAV started a podcast series on Youtube called “Even angels need a voice!” They created a platform to give small NGOs and charities a voice by enabling them to talk about their work and appeal for the help they require on a platform that provides greater accessibility to interested individuals and donors.
Aasha: During the daunting coronavirus pandemic, Project Aasha aimed at helping the elderly of our community at a time that affected them the most. Project Aasha successfully provided 67 senior citizens living at Parookh Dharamshala with items that would not only help them, but also bring a smile to their faces, such as, colourful masks, sanitizers, meaningful cards, a coffee mug etc.
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