The excellent Cambridge IGCSE June 2021 Results: An evidence of our students’ intellect, focus, preparation and resilience

Congratulations to our B.D. Cambridge learners.
It is a time to feel proud, once again, of our Cambridge learners at B.D. Somani International School. Despite the uncertainty of sitting for physical exams or not till April 16th, our IGCSE scores have demonstrated the fact that our students and teachers were prepared for all situations.

Here is a look at overall results for our Cambridge IGCSE cohort of 57 students :

29.0% of the total grades were A*’s
63.2% of the total grades were in the A range (A* or A).
85.7% of the total grades were B or above (A*, A or B)

Out of the 55 students who qualified for the Group ICE award:

i) 40 students received Distinction.
ii) 14 students received Merit.
iii) 1 student received a Pass.

These scores would be admirable in any academic year, but to achieve them under the circumstances of Covid-19 lockdown and of working entirely online in the final Cambridge IGCSE year makes the scores more valuable.
While our teachers worked on the robust process designed by Cambridge for the school assessed grades, they also fondly remembered all the preparation, the extra care taken to review and revise the syllabus and the creative online activities to engage the Grade 10 students. It was the schedule of an assignment here and an assessment there mixed with the interesting conversations on google class meetings, that made this year so different and memorable from the earlier ones for all students and teachers.
It is equally significant to note that in the midst of a challenging year, whenever the government and local authorities allowed students to visit school campus for exam related sessions, our students pursuing Art and Design and Drama could come in small groups and complete the coursework components with their teachers. It was a major achievement to record students’ performances with masks and face shields and social distancing rules. The satisfaction of completing all of the required IGCSE submissions even in Music was evident from the smiles and cheers that could be expressed online by students and teachers.
At the same time, a great amount of credit for the wonderful achievement of our students goes to the parents and all other family members. Their support to the school and to the teachers by being ‘our partners at home’ and encouraging their children to be engaged and present for online classes, their contribution as troubleshooters and sometime even as invigilators during the Mock Exams and their motivation to ensure academic integrity in assignments and assessments, helped our B.D. Cambridge learners become confident and happy about their knowledge and skills.
Though each one of us is hopeful of returning to the old normal and having our now Grade 11 students experience high school life, we feel confident that as collaborators in their social, intellectual, emotional and physical well being we will continue with resilience and patience and have a great year of enrichment and success ahead.

This post has been authored by our IGCSE Program Coordinator, Ms. Shalini Sharma.

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