A sneak peek into our IGCSE Global Perspectives class

Cambridge Global Perspectives is an innovative skills-based program that gives students the opportunity to develop skills they will require not only in school but also at university and in their future careers. Through group projects, individual reports, source analysis, discussions and debates, students are able to explore issues from a global, national and personal perspective, thereby helping them to make informed decisions and opinions. The skills of collaboration, research and critical thinking are not confined to just the subject but are transferable to other areas of their academics and personal life. The content area of the subject is vast and the topics of study provide ample opportunities for students to explore issues varying from Human Rights to Sustainable Living. It is a unique subject which helps students build their unique personalities.

Student Testimonials

When you sit in a Global Perspectives class, you have to be ready for a debate at all times! I think before we took the subject, many of us remained unaware about what the following journey held for us; from evidence and research-driven murder trials, to debates on the importance of legalization of drugs and even stigma-rooted topics like mass genocides due to religion and the lack of menstrual care. GP for us, students, means a platform and place to discuss issues that are prevalent in today's world, issues that not only affect some small group of people in a named country, but issues that affect us as well. Global Perspectives is about having a view, a voice on many different areas and not being afraid to use it, even if it means going against that of the general public or society. Global Perspectives is about being able to justify your view; "what research proves that drugs, if made legal, are more beneficial?", "why should women be allowed to follow their normal routine during their periods?" and "why are the Rohingya Muslims being attacked for living in their homes?"

I think if you ask a Global Perspectives student, rather than a board or a website, they'll tell you that GP is about working, it's about being passionate enough to want to change the way the situation is currently, and mostly, it's about highlighting what YOU think matters and what YOU think the right choice is, no matter what is written in the textbooks.

It's about thinking out of the box and being able to think creatively.

It's also a lot about having fun and enjoying the block fully!

We all love it!

Before the 9th grade I had never formally been introduced to global perspectives as a subject, but I presumed it was a subject covering various perspectives on current and pivotal world issues. As I expected, global perspectives is an informative subject that is a blend of issues of global significance and individual, local, national and global point of views on it. There are many broad topics we cover over the course of the year, such as law & criminality and biodiversity. Under the chosen broad topic we then exchange our views, and then, as mentioned, the local, national and global ones. We have had a number of great experiences and activities under each topic, such as a riveting mock court trial and debates. We learnt to write extensive research papers that involved application, evaluation and a lot more characteristics. Global perspectives has been a game changer for me, as it has helped me build my confidence and articulate my argument using concrete evidence. It has also helped me understand the stance of many nations and made me apprehend the world beyond my comfort zone. My journey of global perspectives has been exceptional so far and I can’t stress how important this subject is, for the future generations. They will not only gain awareness but this will also go on to help them in future grades or when they enter the ‘real world’.

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